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Non-profit Tea Tibet, Kombucha Wonder Drink’s New Cause-related Project Wins Two Industry Awards at Recent Natural Products Expo East

Tea Tibet, a recently launched cause-related project of Portland-based Kombucha Wonder Drink, won two industry awards at this years’ Natural Products Expo East. Winning both the Most Innovative Product and Best of the Press Awards, is a tremendous honor and achievement for this first of its kind, 100% non-profit tea company. Tea Tibet’s sole mission is to produce the very best tea for the benefit of the Tibetan people. All profits (100%) from Tea Tibet support Tibetan educational projects, schools … Continue reading

Beverage World Breakout Brands 2013 – Kombucha Wonder Drink

Check out this interesting article from the June 2013 edition of Beverage World Magazine – we’re featured as the Breakout Brand 2013 cover story! Wonder World – Kombucha Wonder Drink Intrigues Consumers and has Cemented its Place in a Niche Category.  Magazine Cover - Wonder World Article

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See What Others Are Saying About Kombucha Wonder Drink!

See what others are saying about Kombucha Wonder Drink…

Kombucha Wonder Drink – Made Easy

Kombucha is an energizing beverage with benefits.  Pronounced [kom-boo’-cha] it is a sparkling fermented tea that tastes slightly tart, slightly sweet – and is really good for you.  The fermentation of premium brewed tea may be accomplished by using an age-old recipe of special yeasts, bacteria and sugar often referred to by the acronym SCOBY, a Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast. One common misconception is that Kombucha is made with mushrooms.  Not true.  The traditional fermentation method does create … Continue reading