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Where we came from…

It all started with a love of tea.

Our founder—Stephen Lee—has a rich history with tea. It wasn’t until after he co-founded Stash Tea and Tazo Tea that he discovered kombucha. On a trip to Russia, he learned about the sparkling fermented tea and grew so fascinated by it, he returned home and founded Wonder Drink in 1999.

Now, Wonder Drink is in natural food stores, grocery stores, pubs, spas, colleges, and cafes all over the United States and we’re branching out across the world.

He didn’t stop there—Stephen wrote the definitive book on kombucha! Want to learn how to brew the perfect batch of kombucha, care for your own SCOBY, and make delicious kombucha recipes?

Check out Kombucha Revolution: 75 Recipes for Homemade Brews, Fixers, Elixirs, and Mixers.



For the Love of Kombucha

Kombucha is everyone’s new favorite drink. It’s a fermented beverage made from brewed tea, sugar, and bacteria from a starter culture called SCOBY—Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast.

Kombucha's taste can range from tart to sour to tangy, like a crisp apple cider vinegar or a bubbly switchel. And it’s as versatile in use as it is in flavor—you can mix herbs, fruit, spices, and tea infusions for unique and exciting kombucha concoctions!


Wonder Drink Kombucha is fun and functional! Here are just a few of the benefits you get from our ‘booch:

Acetic Acid: Fermentation produces acetic acid which supports gut health.

Tea Polyphenols: Found in tea, these are antioxidants that benefit overall health.

Healthier Alternative: Skipping soda doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on taste. Kombucha’s a delicious and healthy alternative. Our beverages are guaranteed non-alcoholic*, making them safe for kids.



We are…

Safe: Our process eliminates growth of bad bacteria, keeping your kombucha safe and making it perfect for anyone—kids included!

Consistent: Every single bottle and can of kombucha we produce should be fresh and great-tasting—that’s our promise.

Innovative: Our newest kombucha is Prebiotic Kombucha—the first and only organic prebiotic kombucha! It’s fun, functional, and your new favorite drink. 

Guaranteed Non-Alcoholic*: We use a proprietary two-step fermentation process to make our kombucha. After the desired organic acids are produced, we stop the fermentation process by inactivating the starter cultures. This allows us to keep the kombucha non-alcoholic* and also control the amount of residual sugar.



Where we’re going… 

We’ve been passionate about kombucha for nearly 20 years. Why? Because we want to make beverages that help you live better, for a better tomorrow.

The discovery of how gut microbiota impact our health is redefining food. At the heart of this discovery are prebiotics and probiotics—solutions we can use to improve gut health. We’re harnessing these solutions in innovative—and delicious—ways.