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April 15, 2021 6 min read

There are some drinks out there that just have to be sampled to know how great they taste. One of our favorites is kombucha. Many ask this question. Is there non-alcoholic kombucha? 

Is there non-alcoholic kombucha? Kombucha does contain small traces of alcohol due to how it is created. However there are just traces of alcohol in most fermented kombucha. Most kombucha bought commercially has less than 0.5% alcohol traces in it. 

To help you to understand more about this amazing drink, we have put together our own guide to kombucha, what it is, how it is created, and a little more information on its alcohol content.  

What is Kombucha?  

What is kombucha?

Fermented drinks seem to be rising in popularity of late, and kombucha is no exception. Kombucha is made from sweetened tea and a culture which is known as SCOBY. SCOBYis a specific culture that must be used in order to create kombucha. The rather interesting sounding name comes from the fact it is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts.  

It is these bacteria and yeasts, which will turn the sugar that is found within the sweetened tea into ethanol and acetic acid. It is this acetic acid that gives kombucha the distinctive sour taste that so many people love.  

You can either make kombucha yourself at home with minimal ingredients. All you need to make kombucha yourself is: 

  • Water- it is essential that this has been boiled and left overnight as this will remove the chlorine and ensure that this doesn't have a negative impact on the process. 
  • Tea- this should be black tea for the very best flavor. However, you can choose to mix black tea with white or green tea if you prefer. You can choose between tea bags and loose-leaf, depending on what you like using,  
  • Sugar- the best sugar to use is standard cane sugar, but you can use less refined sugars if you prefer. It is crucial that you know if you change the sugars, then this will change the flavor. You cannot leave out sugar from the recipe.  
  • SCOBY- you need to ensure that the scoby you buy is of good quality and is not dried. You should avoid keeping it in the fridge as this can have a negative impact. Depending on the size of the batch you want to make, this will change the size of the scoby you need (and this is not an exact science). 
  • Starter liquid- you need to add a starter liquid to get the whole process going. The best option for this is some previous kombucha, as this will help kickstart things, especially if it is taken from the top rather than the bottom, where the most yeast is found.  

However, you also need some knowledge of the process, some space to store it, and the time to take to create it and make sure that it will taste the best for you.  

This may sound like a whole lot of hard work. So, if you prefer to have it ready-made to go, you can also buy flavored prebiotic kombucha. This means that you don't have to worry about getting the ingredients or waiting around for the magic of fermentation to happen, you just need to open your can or bottle, and you are ready to go.  

Why Drink Kombucha? 

Aside from having a great taste, there are several reasons that you may want to drink kombucha. The first is that it is an excellent source of probiotics. Like other fermented foods, such as yogurts, kombucha contains live micro-organisms, which will improve your gut health and improve the digestion process.  

Another great reason to enjoy kombucha is that it is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to be a great way to reduce the damage that is done to your body by free-radicals. These are typical by-products within your body, but they can contribute to many issues if they build up.  

Does Kombucha Have Alcohol? 

It is more common than you may realize for people to ask whether or not kombucha contains any alcohol. This is because it is made using a very similar process as certain alcoholic drinks such as beer and cider.  

It may sound strange to think that tea could contain alcohol; however, kombucha does contain small traces of alcohol due to how it is created. 

Not only this, but due to the fermentation process, a kombucha that starts fermenting at a low level of alcohol could build up over time. This is because the process of fermentation doesn't stop; it continues all the time, in the right conditions, of course, which means that the alcohol levels could rise higher than they originally were.  

How Much Alcohol Is In Kombucha? 

If you brew it yourself, then depending on you, it has been made; it is not unheard of that your kombucha could contain as much as 3% alcohol.  

That said, if you buy it online or in-person, then you will notice that it is labeled as being non-alcoholic. This is because it contains less than 0.5% alcohol. This is a level that is barely noticeable and should not be a cause of concern for anyone. 

If you are concerned, such as if you are not able to have alcohol in your diet, or you are pregnant/breastfeeding, then you should avoid drinking any kombucha that has been homebrewed and instead stick with ones that you can buy pre-made. 

Kombucha alcohol test 

Some people want to know whether or not they can test the alcohol content of their homebrewed kombucha in order to make sure that they are not too high.  

The problem with this is that while you can test whether or not there is potentially alcohol in your kombucha, you cannot guarantee that it won't contain any alcohol in the future. Therefore, you may want to make sure that it is only offered to those who understand that it could contain alcohol.  


One of the best things about this particular way to test is that it not only picks up alcohol but also sugar levels too. They are easy enough to use and are not expensive to buy, which is ideal if you think that you may be making kombucha on a regular basis.  

They come in precision varieties, which are more expensive but can be more accurate. They also come in triple scale types, which are cheaper but are not known to always offer the most accurate of results.  


Another option to consider is a refractometer. These are mostly seen in the beer and wine industry, checking the levels of alcohol during the fermentation process. They are more expensive than hydrometers, but they do provide a more accurate reading of the alcohol levels that can be seen in your kombucha.  

Anton Paar Near-Infrared Tech 

One of the newest ways to test for alcohol content in liquids. These particular readings are electronic, which means that you don't have to work anything out in order to get your reading, something that you need to do with both the above methods. These devices are also more accurate than others out there; however, with this accuracy, you will also see that there is a price increase to go along with it, which might not be ideal if you are an occasional user.  

Lab testing 

If you are someone who wants to make kombucha to sell (like us), then you are going to need to make sure that you arrange for it to be tested as accurately as possible. The best way to do this is to involve a laboratory. They have all the right equipment and know-how to be able to accurately at your kombucha and let you know what the alcohol content is. This is not exactly a cheap option though, which is why a lot of people opt to purchase their kombucha ready-made instead.

Try Wonder Drink Kombucha 

Want to try non-alcoholic kombucha for yourself? Know that you are looking for the best quality out there? If this is true for you, then take a look at our range of kombucha online at Wonder Drink.  

With our help, you can sample all of the amazing things about kombucha without having to go to the effort of making it yourself at home or worrying about the alcohol content because Wonder Drink is one of the few non-alcoholic kombuchas on the market. It does have all of the same prebiotic effects that you’re looking for, and which will help to boost your health.

We have done all the hard work for you by making delicious drinks that have been fully tested in order to ensure that they are non-alcoholic while still remaining as delicious as possible, and while providing you with the maximum health benefits.  

Why not check them out? All of our amazing drinks are designed to give you plenty of choices when you want to treat yourself—bringing some flavor to your life, each and every day. Shop our delicious prebiotic kombucha line today!


Wonder Drink does not claim to carry any of the health benefits listed in the article.

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