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Holiday Gift Guide

December 12, 2019 2 min read

Holiday Gift Guide

Merry Merry ‘booch lovers! ‘Tis the season if gifting and celebrating! What a year it’s been for us here at Wonder Drink. Now, it’s time to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life: celebrating with family and dear friends during the holiday season-Alright! If you have other kombucha aficionados or a fermented foodie on your holiday shopping list, leave it to us to find the perfect gift for them! We are sharing our very first gift guide to jumpstart your holiday right. Here we go!


  1. Kombucha RevolutionKicking off our list is “Kombucha Revolution” by our very own Wonder Drink founder Steven Lee. Packed full of recipes and ideas, this number will take the love of kombucha to a whole new level!
  2. Wonder Drink Kombucha: Wonder Drink Kombucha is the gift that keeps on giving! Our prebiotic cans are available in a variety of flavors. Not sure what flavor to settle on? Try our Variety Packs!
  3. Kombucha T-Shirt: What better way to rock your ‘booch pride by sporting a Kombucha lover T-Shirt. This gift is for the win.
  4. Fermenting kit: Bring science in your home with a fermenting kit and ferment anything you please! Let’s get creative.
  5. Pickle Packer Sauerkraut Pounder: Here is a tool for the avid canners and ferment lovers out there. Hey, you never know you need it, until you need it!
  6. Wonder Drink Pint Glass: Sip ‘booch out of a sturdy, pint glass. We here at Wonder Drink provide a wonderful option for ‘booch lovers alike.
  7. ‘Booch Candles: YUM! It's the sweet scent of Kombucha that will fill the home! It smells so good you will almost wan’t to drink it. But don’t! :)
  8. Cabbage Shredder: Get perfectly shredded cabbage with this wooden cabbage shredder with steel blades.
  9. Cuisinart Food Processor: Calling all time savers! You can shred any type of food with a  food processor. Add this to your shopping list!
  10.  Yogurt Maker: Make delicious yogurt and spread the word of gut health with an at home yogurt maker!

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