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August 02, 2022 6 min read

Do you have a tight schedule?

Do you have a go-getter personality and spend your days making sure you’re up to speed at work, school, or at home with the kids? While it’s satisfying knowing that when you’re up to speed on tasks do you also sometimes feel there is barely any flexibility to fit in other activities?

So many of us are brought up believing hard work pays off and makes life easier, which is true, but it isn’t the end all be all. There are finer things in life that help shape your happiness and overall health. It is important to put your own health as a top priority in your schedule in order to help improve your physical and mental well-being.

Having a busy schedule sometimes means we sacrifice fitting in the dedicated time needed for our health, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Many successful parents, students, and workers thrive by effective scheduling. Some of you may have amazing routines established for team meetings or bedtime schedules for your children, but does it stop there? Are you letting your tight schedules fit in time for your own well-being?

When you’re not creating a routine or goals for your personal life, you may be fighting stress or other emotional pains that effect your physical and mental health, even though you’re tackling all your work tasks in your busy life. Your work or homelife responsibilities are important but so is allowing some flexibility and work-life balance.

You should be proud to check off tasks throughout the day because you put your hard work into your them. So often we put so much time and energy into our work but not enough time on ourselves and our habit goals should also be just as important.

How do daily routine schedules help overall health?

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A key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is by creating routines for yourself. People are creatures of habit and the beauty of setting a daily routine is beneficial for your mental health and stress levels. By having an established set of routines, you can feel more in control over situations, which in return promotes structure in your life that can easily feel hectic.

Routines are a great way to promote health and wellness. When we create regular rhythms not only does our mental health benefit but so can our physical health. Routines do not need to be stressful or boring. Adding routine in our busy schedules help increase our sleep, create better eating habits, lower ours stress levels, and improve physical condition.

A habit tracker is an excellent method that measures how well you are succeeding in your daily, weekly, or monthly goals. In recent years, they have become popular in helping people build better habits for themselves to improve productivity. You can purchase a habit tracker journal or download an app.

What are six easy habit tracker ideas to improve your health?

Habit trackers are a great way to manage your time and are effective in reaching habits you know you should be doing but have been avoiding. Goals become more reachable the more specific you make them.

Here are six simple tips to track even if you have a busy schedule.

1) Have a healthy breakfast:

We encourage you to create the habit of starting the day off right with a good breakfast. A healthy meal before your workday begins is helpful because it gives your body the fuel it needs to get you started for the day. Breakfast is “the most important meal of the day” because it can help increase your energy. It’s the first meal of the day after dinner the night before and people who skip breakfast aren’t providing the glucose the brain and body needs to fight fatigue. If you enjoy a daily breakfast when you wake up, you will find that your focus is better throughout the morning and that you may be in a happier mood because you’re more alert and productive.

Do you have kids? Another benefit of breakfast is enjoying some family time on weekdays before everyone goes their separate ways.

2) Take a break and go for a walk:

It is proven that taking breaks from work can increase your focus on your projects when you return. Stepping away for a short break can reduce your stress and improve your productivity. Make a goal in your schedule to take a 15-30-minute walk. Making a goal to walk each day is good for your heart, joint paints, can lower blood sugar, improve sleep, and is a powerful exercise to burn calories. Try to find more opportunities to add more steps throughout the day. Instead of finding the first parking spot at work, park further away. Walk around the house or office. Does your building have an elevator? Make a goal of walking up or down the stairs at least once a day.

Put on your earbuds and listen to your favorite Spotify playlist on or podcast. Walking 30-minutes a day can burn roughly 150 more calories in a day without breaking a sweat!

3) Eat between meals with healthy snack options:

Snacking isn’t just for kids and enjoying snacks between your meals is beneficial for your health and well-being. Don’t wait until you’re hungry and risk overeating hours later.

Your blood sugar declines after 3-5 hours from your last meal. Despite many people avoiding snacking in fear of gaining weight, when done right, snacking can help amp up your metabolism to burn calories throughout the day. When you wait to eat until you’re hungry, your metabolism may slow down.

It is important to snack on healthy food options like fruit, vegetables, or whole grains. Avoid the more processed foods. Eating the right snacks may even lower your blood cholesterol level. Adding healthy snacks in your routine can boost your energy and elevate your mood throughout the day. When you add protein in your snacks, you may start to notice an improvement in your focus.

4) No time to make dinner? Make ahead meals:

After a long day, sometimes the last thing you want to decide is what to eat for dinner. What do you have in the kitchen to whip up and if you have children, is there enough time to make a healthy balanced meal before bedtime? Before starting a new week, plan out your dinners for the next seven days. Instead of rushing home figuring out what to cook, fighting the clock, and being tempted to get takeout, make your dinner ahead of time, and try to pick entrees that can last for a couple of nights. Another option to help with busy weeknights is meal prepping the night ahead, shaving off time needed until you can sit down and eat.

Removing the stress of figuring out what to eat can improve your willpower for staying healthy and choosing better food. Limiting takeout is a great way to save money. Some of your favorite restaurants may be higher in calories, fat, and sodium.

5) Make a weekly goal time for hanging out with friends:

Here’s the most enjoyable healthy habit: make time for friends. Social health is very important in your overall well-being. Being part of a relationship promotes a sense of belonging and can improve your emotional health and self-esteem.

The University of Oxford recently found that you can enhance your mental and physical health when you make time to hang out with close friends and/or family twice a week.

If you’re a mother or a father, aim to find some parenting friends who are able to connect with any challenges you’re going through. Having a friend who is a parent also doesn’t mean they should replace old friendship or become your best friends. Finding someone who can relate to what you’re going through is important though and feeling comfortable to be vulnerable with each other is very healing for a busy parent to have.

6) Improve your gut health:

Adding prebiotics in your routine is an excellent way to improve your gut health to fuel your body. Gut health can improve digestion, immunity, mental health, promote healthy skin, and even help with sleeping better at night.

A prebiotic drink, like Wonder Drink, can be enjoyed any time of day. We recommend taking prebiotics like Wonder Drink at a consistent time that works best in your schedule. American diets typically are not a good source of prebiotics and adding it into our routine has many health benefits. To learn more about gut health, click here.  

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Make a goal to get healthy and stay healthy

With the help of your habit tracker, work on fitting more time for healthier habits to get you through the day. We know sometimes life can get complicated but Wonder Drink’s mission is to help promote a healthier you with a healthy gut. Let’s make life one step easier. Create healthy habits that can easily work within your schedules and soon your routine will naturally flow into your day. Time management is an asset and can greatly improve our lives. Make your physical and mental health your top priority to get you through the day.

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