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Tips on How to Restore Your Gut Health

October 21, 2022 3 min read

What is gut health?

The importance of maintaining a healthy gut has been gaining more attention lately and for good reason. Gut health matters because your gut microbiome is the root of your body’s health. Your gut health covers your entire digestive system while also having the power to communicate with your nerves and hormones.

Gut health is retaining healthy bacteria and immune cells that are able to fight off bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The gut is the influential commander of our bodies and can impact the immune system, heart health, brain, mood, how well we sleep, and may help combat various illnesses and diseases.

It is important to pay attention to your gut and what you are consuming. Gut health is connected to your overall well-being, both mentally and physically. Being mindful to how we treat our gastrointestinal system and what we are ingesting is a lifestyle change with many positives. After all, you are what you eat.

How to improve your gut health

Your gut flora, also known as intestinal microflora, is used to refer to the bacteria and other organisms found inside your intestines that support your body to digest food. In more recent years, there has been an increased interest in researching the specific role the gut flora has to our overall health.

The world of microorganisms and thousands of different bacteria living in our body are a mixture of good and bad bacteria. Choosing to maintain a healthy diet and being aware of how your treat your body can support the good bacteria living inside your intestines can help combat the bad bacteria. Without as much attention on what you’re putting into your body, fighting the bad bacteria can be much more difficult, which may lead to health issues like obesity, inflammatory bowel diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, among other health and disease concerns. Bad gut flora health not only may increase the chance of illness but can also exhaust you mentally. Gut microbiome and mental health are deeply connected making it crucial to champion your good bacteria for a happy healthy living.

Restoring your gut flora takes time and effort. It may be difficult at first but often once you find what works, it will become easier to maintain overtime. Building a healthy gut and restoring your gut flora can take up to 6 months. Making certain lifestyle changes even after the 6 months is past is important to maintain in your daily life for your gut microbiota.

How to restore healthy gut flora

Here are 5 things that you can do to ensure we are helping good guys win your health:

  1. Prioritize your sleep and aim for a minimum of 7-8 hours regularly.
  2. Be cautious about what you eat. Allow yourself cheat days but make sure to prioritize your food intake most of the time.
  3. Exercise when you can. We have busy schedules and it could be challenging but make the most of the situation. If you can fit in 15 minutes to walk outside during lunch, perfect. Try to move around whenever you can. For more pointers, read Simple Tips for Living Healthy While Keeping a Busy Schedule.
  4. Spend at least 10 minutes every day reflecting and finding time for some meditation. Stress can put pressure on your gut.
  5. Try to cut back on coffee. Too much coffee can possibly hurt your gut health. A cup of coffee is okay but drinking it throughout the day regularly is not recommended.

What are the best foods for gut health

4 foods to include in your diet to restore gut health:

  1. Fibrous Fruits and Vegetables: Add some fiber to your diet. Good bacteria loves fibers. Try to include fiber rich foods such as leaks, watermelon, pears, banana, spinach, and onions.
  2. Pickles: Who doesn’t love pickles? They not only taste great but also contain good bacteria that turns them sour and delicious. It is the perfect probiotic to keep you gut flora healthy. Make meals fun with pickles.
  3. Kombucha: Enjoy some kombucha, a tasty fizzy soda alternative. Kombucha contains some of the best good bacteria for your body, like lactic acid bacteria, that is guaranteed to help your gut. Wonder Drink kombucha is sure to be your gut’s best friend. It’s an easy way to incorporate prebiotics into your daily routine and supports your digestive system. Discover prebiotics and the power of Wonder Drink.
  4. Yogurt:Yogurt is a great remedy for bowel inflammations and digestive disorders. The live bacteria culture helps the good bacteria fight the bad bacteria.

Trust your gut friend, it surely never lies. Any cure that you are looking for the answer starts with taking care of your gut. Remember – A happy gut is a happy healthy you.

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