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November 18, 2021 4 min read

Are you looking for the perfect kombucha green tea that’s good for your digestive system and has a flavor that you can enjoy? The right option rests with kombucha green tea with lemon flavor. 

Kombucha green tea is a great way to get a two-for-one flavor and health kick for your body. That’s because the ingredients of green tea, combined with lemon flavor for a great taste and added prebiotics that help foster a happy and healthy gut. The flavors that make this tasty drink come to life include organic fermented green tea, organic lemon extract and natural flavor to create a satisfying kombucha drink that promotes digestive health.  

Read on to discover why kombucha green tea with lemon flavor should be in your list of ingredients for your next kombucha drink!

How Do You Drink Kombucha?

You can drink kombucha whenever you feel like it! Wonder Drink Kombucha has ingredients like prebiotics that can help keep your gut healthy and also has less sugar than other drinks, while keeping your craving for tasty bubbles intact with a fermented tea kick!

Can I Use Green Tea to Make Kombucha?

Green tea combined with kombucha is a great way to brew kombucha with delicious organic fermented tea. Kombucha is a fermented black tea or green tea drink. Teas have been a popular way to brew kombucha for years and the following are popular options for kombucha drinks: 

  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • White tea
  • Oolong tea

What is Green Tea Kombucha?

A green tea kombucha is a kombucha made with fermented green tea. The green tea in your kombucha provides a lighter color and a milder flavor. Green tea is also less oxidized, which provides the lighter color. 

Does Green Tea Kombucha Have Caffeine?

Kombucha is a caffeinated beverage because it uses tea leaves that contain caffeine. These tea leaves with caffeine can include black tea leaves, green tea leaves, white tea leaves and oolong tea leaves. 

While caffeine is naturally found in kombucha, it’s considered a minimal amount of caffeine when compared to other caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea. That’s because the kombucha fermentation process naturally reduces the amount of caffeine. The longer the kombucha is left to ferment, the yeast and bacteria consume more of the caffeine during the fermentation process. 

Is Kombucha Green Tea Good For You?

 Is Kombucha Green Tea Good For You?

Kombucha green tea is packed with prebiotics that promote a happy, healthy gut for your overall digestive system wellness. Wonder Drink Kombucha contains an organic, plant-based XOS prebiotic fiber which helps support that gut health.

You should also look for a kombucha that is: 

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Gluten-free
  • BPA-free

How Do You Drink Lemon Kombucha?

Lemon kombucha is a great flavor to try and comes with a tart citrus taste that can hit the spot any time of the day! The benefit of kombucha lemon flavor is personal preference and finding a kombucha with lemon flavor and green tea is a great combination that your taste buds will really enjoy! 

Are You Supposed to Shake Kombucha?

Think about the fermented tea and the bubbles inside each can. You don’t want to shake a can. However, it is recommended that you gently swirl each can to mix the delicious ingredients inside, which will help provide the best flavor possible for your can of kombucha. 

Is Kombucha Lemon Flavor Good For You?

Flavored kombucha is delicious and there's an added flavor benefit when you choose a flavor like kombucha lemon flavor. A combination of lemon flavor in kombucha, combined with ingredients like green tea or ginger is just a great way to enjoy a gut healthy drink any time of the day or night. 

What is the Best Time to Drink Kombucha?

You can drink kombucha anytime that you like. This includes:

  • In the morning
  • Before a meal
  • During a meal 
  • After a meal
  • In the afternoon for an energy boost

How to Flavor Kombucha With Lemon

Adding lemon flavor to kombucha makes for a lovely kombucha treat . Typically, the lemon flavor is added to kombucha just like any other fruit flavor. Organic lemon extract can be combined with natural flavors, along with organic lemon extract, natural flavor, organic prebiotic corn fiber (xylo-oligosaccharides) and organic stevia leaf extract. 

What Flavor of Kombucha is Best? 

Do you struggle with what kind of kombucha to drink? There are so many options. Wonder Drink has delicious options available for you to try that include: 

  • Green Tea & Lemon Kombucha
  • Asian Pear & Ginger Kombucha
  • Apple Mint Kombucha
  • Ginger Peach Kombucha

Try Wonder Drink Kombucha Green Tea and Lemon

Did you know Wonder Drink offers a delicious kombucha green tea with lemon flavor tea? Our Green Tea & Lemon Kombucha is packed with prebiotics too for a gut that is happy and healthy! Our original green tea kombucha with lemon flavor has just 8 grams of sugar per can and also comes with a light and refreshing green tea with lemon flavor tartness. 

Wonder Drink is a prebiotic sparkling fermented tea that is non-alcoholic and is complemented by XOS prebiotic fiber to support gut health. It’s also organic, vegan, gluten-free and BPA-free. What are you waiting for? Try Wonder Drink today, learn how it’s a healthy alternative to soda and join our subscription program today to save 5% on every subscription order!

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